Visionary Incense Kit


Reconnect with the natural world, higher planes and oneself with the cleansing and transcendent power of pure incense. The tradition of burning sacred plants is found in the roots of every culture on earth. Resonant Aromatics revives this ancient practice by offering natural incense created with premium botanicals: organic and wild or sustainably harvested, created in alignment with lunar cycles.

Use in ceremonial setting or simply to raise the vibration of a space and to perfume the air

The Visionary Incense Kit contains:

  • Eight potent Resin Incense Blends in biodegradable sachets, hand-blended from wild-harvested and sustainably sourced organic ingredients: aromatic resins, fragrant woods, precious herbs, oils and flowers
  • Roll of Premium Natural Incense Charcoal made from sustainably harvested Beech wood
  • Mica Burning Plate (a  silicate mineral plate to place between charcoal and incense – a Japanese method to create less smoke + more fragrance)
  • Instructions

Beautifully presented, the Visionary Incense Kit makes a unique gift for yourself or a loved one and the perfect introduction to the magic of resin incense!



Incense Ingredients (* denotes organic):


Clearing Space

A refreshing blend of Sage*, Copal Resin*, Frankincense Resin*, Calendula Flowers*

Clear old energies to make space for new possibilities


Love Prevails

A sensual blend of Benzoin Gum*, Copal Resin*, Rose Petals*, Bay Leaves*, Storax*, Blue Lotus Flowers*, Orris Root, Cinnamon*, Clove*

Manifest love in its highest expression: free, true, infinite



A nourishing blend of Australian Sandalwood*, Juniper*, Vetivert*, Sandarac Resin*

Evoke peace, restore equilibrium, soothe the soul and uplift the spirit



A balsamic blend of Australian Sandalwood*, Copal Resin*, Cinnamon, Myrrh Gum*, Frankincense Resin*, Benzoin Gum*, Raw Eucalyptus Honey*, Biodynamic Red Wine*, Storax*, Orris Root, Flame-dried Raisins

Based on an ancient Egyptian recipe, this rich incense heals, nourishes and restores. Well-suited to intentional, ritual and dream work


Summer Solstice

An invigorating blend of Frankincense Resin*, Eucalyptus Leaves*, Copal Resin*, Rock Rose*, Lavender*, Calendula Flowers*, Rose Petals*

Awaken the senses and spirit with this sweetly intoxicating blend, inspired by, and created on, the Summer Solstice


Winter Solstice

A comforting blend of Frankincense Resin*, Benzoin Sumatra Gum*, Cypress or Norfolk Pine Sap*, Wild Fir Balsam*, Juniper berries*, Juniper Tips*, Australian Sandalwood*

Warm the hearth and nurture the soul with this grounding blend, inspired by, and created on, the Winter Solstice


Paradigm Shift

An inspiring blend of Frankincense Resin*, Patchouli*, Lavender*, Pink Water Lily Flowers*, Cinnamon*

Explore the spaces between worlds and beyond paradigms; let yourself be guided towards new perspectives



A transcendent blend of Gum Dammar*, Palo Santo Wood*, Lemon Myrtle Leaves*, Lavender*, Lemon Scented TeaTree*

Quest for truth and explore the infinite field of possibility beyond time and space


Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 165 × 100 × 45 mm

Visionary Incense Kit, with Brass Burner, with Incense Tongs, with Burner + Tongs, with 3 x Incense Charcoal Rolls