Guide to Burning

R E S I N   I N C E N S E

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  • Choose what you will use as an incense burner. Charcoal burns VERY hot so it needs to be placed in something heat proof. Use a terracotta pot or thick ceramic bowl full of sand; a piece of thick slate, a brick, or a brass incense burner [Note, a brass burner also needs to be set on something heat-proof as it will get extremely hot!]
  • Light a charcoal tablet by holding a flame to the edges for around 10-20 seconds (tongs are helpful…)
  • Place lit charcoal in the burner
  • The charcoal will sparkle and smoke for around 30 seconds as it ignites. Place the dish near an open window or outside while the charcoal lights to allow the smell of the lighting agent to dissipate
  • After around 2 minutes the charcoal will take on a grey, ashy appearance: it’s ready!
  • Sprinkle a very small pinch of incense onto the hot coal to enjoy the aromatic smoke



As well as creating an incredible fragrance, incense smoke has fumigating and cleansing properties; open all your windows and doors and let the aromatic smoke refresh your house. Walk into each room with the burning incense. Waft incense into each corner with a feather or fan


Place the incense burner on the floor and ‘wash’ yourself in the smoke. Ask someone to waft incense smoke over you, including over your head and under your lifted feet. This is a very effective way to cleanse your energetic field, restore equilibrium and raise your vibration


Use of incense is evident in the roots of every culture on earth. From Nepal to Arizona, Mexico to Japan, it was understood as an effective tool to assist in physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic healing and self-evolutionary work. An intentional focus can often be helpful alongside using incense in this way. Each Resonant Aromatics incense blend is imbued with a specific intention which you may like to use as a starting point for your own exploration


M I C A   P L A T E 



Use of a small plate of Mica (a very heat-resistant silicate mineral) on top of incense charcoal is an ancient Japanese technique designed to lower the temperature that affects the incense; allowing more fragrance and less smoke.

  • Light charcoal and when tablet glows white hot, carefully balance Mica plate on top of the face of the tablet
  • Sprinkle incense onto the plate and continue to do so as the charcoal burns. The charcoal will need good ventilation underneath as the Mica plate will not allow as much oxygen to reach the surface of the coal. Brass burners that offer a wire mesh for the charcoal to sit on are wonderful for good coal ventilation
  • To clean – allow plate to cool completely and then scratch off the incense debris with a fingernail or knife. The plate can be scrubbed with wire wool to remove more debris. One plate will enable many burning sessions and should last for months or even years if cared for properly
  • NB, Although the Mica plate can withstand incredibly high temperatures, it is very flexible and can bend and snap if not kept safe



 P A L O   S A N T O 

  • Light one end well, holding the stick downward in the flame
  • Blow out, blowing hard on the embers to create smoke
  • Relight, let burn for 10-20 seconds and blow out again – repeat 1-3 times to ensure your wood will keep burning for some time

A stick will extinguish by itself. A heat-proof shell, saucer or plate makes a great place to rest your Palo Santo when not in use. Use a leather pouch to wrap a cool, extinguished stick in, to use while out and about