Lunar Resources

I truly believe that becoming aware of ‘la luna’, in all her magic and timeless wisdom, can bring greater peace and harmony to our lives, especially as women. Following the lunar cycle helps me to be aware of the ebb and flow of my energy over the course of a month, as I find it mirrors the waning and waxing of the moon. I have found it hugely helpful to take the lunar ebb and flow into account when making life plans and when I notice emotional/ physical / spiritual shifts playing out within me. The moon affects the tidal waters on our planet; with our bodies being made up mostly of water, it bears to reason that we are equally affected. The menstrual cycle also plays out alongside the lunar – deeply connecting the feminine with the moon cycle. Within the realm of Resonant Aromatics I create incense blends on either the New or Full Moon (or Solstice), depending on the intention behind them – to attract or release energy.

Below are my favourite tools to track the lunar cycle – I hope you find them useful!

Love, Rachel x

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal by Grace Funk is a delicious way to map your experience over the annual lunar and seasonal cycles

Ezzie Spencer’s printable lunar calendar is a gorgeous and easy way to track the lunar cycle