Powerfully deep, rich and balsamic, Kyphi is based on an ancient Egyptian recipe. Traditionally burnt at dusk and through the evening for healing and cleansing purposes, families would make their own Kyphi or Kapet (which simply translates to¬†‘incense’), but it was also highly revered by Pharoahs who engaged priests to blend the incense while reciting specific prayers. Kyphi creates a warm and evocative aroma coupled with a deep vibration; well-suited to ritual or intentional practices

‘dreaming deep’

INGREDIENTS: Raw Red Gum Honey*, flame-dried raisins, vegan Shiraz*, premium Gold Frankincense resin*, Oppoponax resin*, Australian Sandalwood chips*, Orris root powder*, Styrax*, Benzoin Sumatra gum*, White Copal resin*


All woods and resins are organic and sustainably or wild-harvested, all other ingredients are locally sourced and organic where possible

FRAGRANCE NOTES: musk, spice, mulled wine, dreamy, rich, earthy, deep

VIBRATION: comforting, healing, meditation, intentional work

AFFIRMATION: I channel healing energies to nourish and restore body, heart and mind


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Weight 54 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 55 mm

Glass Jar, Cardboard Pouch