Three Kings Incense Charcoal


Three Kings natural charcoal tablets; produced from untreated, natural, fresh beech wood from sustainable forestry and purpose-made to burn incense resins and woods

Three Kings charcoal has been produced in the Netherlands since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with 80-year old production techniques, these charcoal tablets are of extremely high quality, ignite quickly and are odorless. They promote a smooth and even burn without producing excessive sparks, smoke or ash

The fresh beech wood is pre-burned in an oven with limited amounts of oxygen, meaning most of the organic compound is burnt off. The residual left behind is almost pure carbon, namely – charcoal

Available in quantities of Single, Trio or Box of Ten Rolls


To burn incense, place a charcoal disc in your incense burner.  Ignite the tablet easily and quickly by holding a lighter or match to the edge – hold with tongs while lighting if you find this easier. Hold your flame to the tablet until sparks have transversed the face of the tablet. When the charcoal is fully heated, a white/gray, ashy soot will cover the red-hot, glowing tablet. This indicates the charcoal is ready for use. Sprinkle the incense on top of the charcoal using fingers or a small spoon and enjoy the experience of magical smoke and mystical fragrance

Make sure to store in a sealed dry place (eg, a sealed plastic bag or box) as charcoal will absorb moisture from the air

Each tablet burns for approximately 40 minutes


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Additional information

Weight 64 g
Dimensions 150 × 30 × 30 mm

One Roll, Three Rolls, Ten Rolls

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