Traditional Resin Burning with a Japanese Twist . . .

U S I N G   A   M I C A   P L A T E 



Using a small plate of Mica (a very heat-resistant, translucent, silicate mineral) on top of incense charcoal is an ancient Japanese technique designed to lower the temperature that affects the incense, with the aim of heating rather than burning the aromatic botanicals; allowing more fragrance and less smoke

  • Light charcoal and when tablet glows white hot, carefully balance Mica plate on top of the face of the tablet (with resin blends – it is advisable to allow the charcoal to cool slightly by letting it burn for around 5-10 minutes before adding the Mica and beginning to add incense)
  • Sprinkle incense onto the plate and continue to do so as the charcoal burns. The charcoal will need good ventilation underneath as the Mica plate will not allow as much oxygen to reach the surface of the coal. Brass burners that offer a wire mesh for the charcoal to sit on are wonderful for good charcoal ventilation. It IS possible to successfully use a Mica plate on charcoal that sits on sand but monitor the burn and remove the plate for a while (use tongs or tweezers as it will be hot!) if it seems the charcoal is being extinguished from lack of air
  • To clean – allow plate to cool completely and then scratch off the incense debris with a fingernail or knife. It will come off quite easily. The plate can be scrubbed gently with wire wool or a kitchen scourer to remove more debris if required. One plate will enable many burning sessions and should last for months or even years 
  • NB, Although the Mica plate can withstand incredibly high temperatures, it is quite flexible and can bend and snap if not kept safe. After extremely heavy use, some layers of Mica may flake and fall off – you can continue using the plate but may need to replace it at some point 


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