Mica Plate


Use to create a heightened aromatic experience!

Mica is a translucent silicate mineral, completely natural and incredibly heat-resistant. The tradition of using a Mica Plate with resin and wood incense originates in Japan. By placing the Mica on top of smouldering charcoal before adding incense, the burn temperature is lowered so the charcoal heats rather than burns the incense. This process enables the incense to release its fragrance in a slower, more delicate way, resulting in less smokeĀ and a more expansive aroma

Highly recommended for both pure incense resins & woods, and incense blends

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Any incense residue can be easily scraped off with a fingernail or knife, or scrubbed off with wire wool or a kitchen scourer once the Plate is cool. Although the Mica Plate is very heat-resistant, it is a delicate mineral and can snap. If taken care of, one plate should last many months

Take care when handling your Mica Plate, hot charcoal and burning incense resin. Tongs or tweezers are recommended when placing on or removing the Mica Plate from the hot charcoal. After using on charcoal, it will cool quickly to the point where it can be handled without tongs, however; sticky residue on the Plate can remain hot


40mm x 25mm

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Dimensions 40 × 20 mm

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