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Solar Eclipse New Moon Magic

What an intense time it has been! Two weeks ago we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, tonight/tomorrow we experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces (1.58am Sunday 27th Feb AEST, visible from South America and parts of Africa), the ‘current’ of which will carry us through the next six months to August’s Solar Eclipse.

If you’ve been feeling particularly emotional over the last two weeks (I know I have!) it is helpful to know that the Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, which occurred on the North nodes of the Moon, set us up for a very emotional phase; bringing up raw childhood feelings and things that perhaps we hadn’t yet dealt with. Now, having felt it all – we can let it go! This weekend’s Solar Eclipse, which occurs on the South nodes of the moon, in Pisces (the 12th and last astrological house), is all about finishing; releasing; allowing and letting go. As well as moving into Pisces, the Moon is conjunct with Neptune, ruler of Pisces; which adds emphasis to the ‘letting go’ – it is time to really find a selflessness and to ‘flush’ our ego – the fears, needs, desires, rationalistic, ‘black and white/right and wrong’ egoic thought patterns that constrain us.. These may be related to success, recognition, money, power or values. When we unravel the lower self, we make way for the higher.

To fully step up as creative beings, it is necessary to release old illusions and fantasies of who we are and what defines us. The sun is linked to power and identity – it prompts us to ask – do I need to surrender my old version of myself as small, weak, powerless? As a victim? Are there habits and behaviours I engage in that could be replaced by ones that serve me better?

The next six months is a pivotal time in which we are given heightened ability to recreate ourselves. Take time to do something for yourself this eclipse, if you want to release; do a little ritual, it could be something as simple as lighting a candle or some incense and writing in your journal.

Kickstarted by the Solar Eclipse magic this New Moon, we are entering a phase of infinite possibility where we find ourselves centred in love and powerfully able to evolve!




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4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse New Moon Magic

  1. Loved this! Bold truth. Thank you for your wise guidance xx

  2. So glad to hear it helped Scott – wishing you lots of love.. Here’s to moving through and opening up! xox

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I have been in the vortex of this energy over the last 2 weeks and have had many shifts, this article gave me some clarity on what I was feeling and also reaffirming the work we are all doing. Thank you ??

  4. Very interesting read. Shall go away and think about this…..

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