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Lunar Manifestation

Tonight’s new moon in Virgo (Thursday 1st September, 7.05pm AEST) is the perfect time to set intentions for that which you wish to manifest this lunar cycle. A new moon heralds the energy of new beginnings; of starting over, and this one is a huge one! Amplified by a solar eclipse (visible from parts of Africa), and the energy of Mercury in retrograde (heightened due to the fact that Mercury is now in one of it’s own signs – Virgo – which it moved into on August 30th), tonight’s new moon sets powerful energies into spin that will affect us from here until early 2017. This month we even get a second eclipse: this one a lunar one, on September 16th. According to some of my favourite astrologers, we should expect a sense of ‘slowing down’ for the first three weeks of this month; giving us the opportunity to become aware of anything that needs our attention in order to be finished or resolved before we start moving forward again, and a deeper insight into how we have acted in the past as well as greater insight into our current plans and projects. We may receive guidance into our integrity regarding our ability to serve others and ourselves; and find new ways to do both these things. The intentions we set at this time may be linked to how we can better serve others, ourselves or our communities. Service and connection is a theme within the Virgo moon and is linked to the desire to connect with life that is inherent within the heart chakra. As this is a Virgo moon; we might look at how we organise ourselves: our routines and daily tasks; and use this time to revamp our methods to create newer, healthier patterns of thought and behaviour. This new moon, correlated and strengthened by the eclipse, means it’s a wonderful time to start afresh: to create new ways of being that nourish our essence and bring out the best in us!

Here’s our easy guide to creating your lunar manifestation ritual:

  • Put aside at least 15 minutes today (it doesn’t have to be exactly at 7.05pm! Choose whichever time works best for you), to sit in a comfortable place where you feel safe and will be undisturbed. Burn some of your favourite incense (this new moon we are using Kyphi to help us heal and restore from what has been a huge last cycle!)..make sure you have paper and pen close to hand
  • Spend 3-5 minutes sitting quietly; take three deep breaths to begin, then breathe deliberately and slowly through your nose, trying to empty your mind of thoughts and focusing only on your breath
  • When you feel calm and your mind feels still: pick up the paper and pen and begin your list of intentions for what you wish to manifest (make real, bring into your world) this lunar cycle. (Hint: You can phrase it as if your wishes have already come true..)
  • When ready, read your intentions aloud then fold up the paper and place it under your candle-holder (be safe!) and light the candle. You might want to add some more incense to your charcoal now…
  • Gaze into the candle flame, visualising the incense smoke transporting your intentions to other dimensions and realms.. where they are already coming true.. See your wishes made manifest in your mind’s eye
  • Blow out the candle or leave burning and blow out later.. You can leave your piece of paper here until the full moon or next new moon… Whatever feels right to you. If you feel to burn it now – do so! (Be careful!)
  • Hurrah! Lunar manifestation done!.. Now – relax and enjoy the feeling that your intentions being made manifest is already underway and your success is inevitable… Positivity is key!

Tuning into the lunar cycles can be such a refreshing antidote to the manic buzz and strain of day-to-day modern life. Many of us (myself definitely included) hurtle through life at such a rate of knots, that making some time to sit, focus, tune into the lunar cycle, and gather our thoughts and feelings of the heart, is SUCH a nourishing activity that brings us right into our centre and creates a deep sense of strength and peace.

Recently I’ve been loving using this gorgeous lunar calendar which is available as a free download from Ezzie Spencer, check it out here:


Let me know your thoughts below! What do you do on a new moon? Did you find this article helpful? xx



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