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Egyptian Secrets …

Kyphi or ‘kapet’ are ancient Egyptian words meaning, simply – ‘incense’. Wander the streets of ancient Egypt at dusk and you would smell the sweet, balsamic fragrance of kyphi coming from homes and temples alike.

The greek historian Plutarch wrote that kyphi:

“is made of things that delight most in the night and exhibits its virtues by night.

Its aromatic substances lull to sleep, allay anxieties, and brighten dreams.”

Common practice was to burn frankincense at sunrise, myrrh during the day and kyphi at dusk. Every household would make their own kyphi from a concoction of resins, herbs, fruits and spices, while the Pharaohs employed priests whose sole job was to make the temple kyphi. One priest would blend (adding each ingredient in turn; following a particular sequence) while another recited words to bless the ingredients.

Deep, sweet, balsamic and woody, our Kyphi loose incense blend is based on ancient scripts and hieroglyphs found on temple walls. The recipe combines flame-dried raisins, Australian Sandalwood, sweet cinnamon, raw organic honey, organic red wine, golden frankincense (sourced from Queen Hatshepsut’s favourite region for frankincense), myrrh resin and nurturing benzoin and vetivert oils among other ingredients. 

We aim to create our Kyphi in the same tradition of honouring these precious ingredients and with the intention that burning this incense will aid healing, relaxation and restoration of the self and soul..


We are offering free shipping on our Kyphi and other resin incense blends through the month of August.. All bottles come with a free roll of incense charcoal so you can start using them straight away..

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