Palo Santo aromatic wood | Small Bundle – 3 pieces


A heavenly trio of hand-cut Palo Santo aromatic wood sticks, sustainably harvested in Ecuador

Burn to clear energies and to aid creative or ritual practice and meditation

A great ‘all-rounder’ for resetting the body and mind – perfect for when you need a quick aromatic fix

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Palo Santo Aromatic Wood
‘Bursera Graveolens’

Sustainably harvested in the dry, tropical forests of Ecuador on the coast of the South Pacific, this aromatic wood has a fresh and uplifting intense aroma with notes of citrus, vanilla and spice. Warmly comforting and inspiring, it  can be burned to achieve clearing of energies and is an excellent aid to creative practices, ritual practices and meditation. It is believed to not only cleanse negative energies, but to attract positive ones. The oils that give Palo Santo its distinctive fragrance are only found in trees that have fallen naturally and been left untouched to dry and cure for 3-10 years, during which time the oils in the sap crystallise, creating the powerful aromatic properties. Part of the Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal family, Palo Santo is believed to have remarkable healing properties due to the high levels of brain-oxygenating terpenes: alleviating depression, stress, and calming the immune and nervous systems. The name ‘Palo Santo’ translates as ‘Holy Wood’ and it has been used for thousands of years by shamans in Central and South America for its purification properties, its first use dating back to the ancient Incan Empire who revered it for its spiritual, emotional and physical purification properties.

Light by holding a flame up the length of the stick for around 30 seconds, blow out and then blow vigorously on the glowing ember… Prop in a heat-resistant container or waft the smoke around your body or space. The stick will naturally extinguish itself completely after a short period. One piece can be used again and again and lasts a long time.

Did you know you can make Palo Santo tea? It’s immensely cleansing and super easy to do! Use a small knife to shave off some little pieces from a stick of wood and add to a saucepan of filtered water (around half a teaspoon for two cups of water). Bring to the boil and then simmer for fifteen minutes or so before serving. You can strain the shavings when you’re finished and leave them to dry so they can be used again as incense!


3 x Small Pieces (20-22g)

Each piece is completely unique with its own markings and visible crystallisation of natural oils…


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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 90 × 36 × 15 mm