Portable Incense Burner


Burn resin and herbs instantly & enjoy total control over the amount of aromatic smoke you wish to create!

This unique portable and refillable gas-powered incense burner is a game-changer for incense lovers! Pack the burner’s chamber with your resins, incense blends or herbs, and click the lever to gently set your incense smouldering with a focused flame. Perfect for your treatment room, yoga practice or dance floor session! Easy to use and carry when on-the-go; the burner comes ready-gassed and packaged in an travel-fit tough card case.

Available in two designs:’ Taj’ and ‘Empress’* in a choice of three colours: Gold, Silver or Black

*’Empress’ features a slightly larger resin/herb chamber – perfect for larger chunks of resin (eg, Hojari) or a greater incense smoke output

NB, Resins that easily liquify at high temperature; such as Copal and Dragon’s Blood, are unfortunately unsuitable for this burner. Resonant Aromatics incense blends Love Prevails, Summer Solstice and Clearing Space all contain Copal resin so should be burned with charcoal.


This refillable burner runs on butane gas. You will receive it gassed but will need to buy gas fluid at your local tobacconist (usually about $3-4). 2 – 3 quick pumps should be enough to re-gas. Insert gas into the base of the burner – use the dial on the base to adjust flame size.
Always clean the chamber after you have finished burning your herbs and resins to prolong the life of your burner.


1.Unscrew the middle of your burner (it will come apart into two parts)
2.Unscrew the small metal chamber where the incense sits.
3.Soak this small chamber in pure alcohol or vodka, it will help to break down any resin. You can use a skewer/chopstick/toothpick – wrap some tissue around it then dip it into the alcohol – to get into the nitty gritty areas and scrape out any residue.
4. Once cleaned give it a GOOD RINSE WITH WATER to make sure all the alcohol is completely off and completely dry before you use it again.

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Burner Design

Taj (small chamber), Empress (large chamber)


Silver, Black, Gold

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