Paradigm Shift | 12 Handcrafted Incense Sticks


12 Handcrafted Incense Sticks made from premium natural ingredients, nothing synthetic added ..

Light stick well and place upright in a heat proof container. Each stick burns for approximately 30minutes .. One box gives approximately six hours burning time ..


Guides towards new perspectives: burn this incense for inner journeying and vision quests. Created as a fragrant key to enable access over thresholds between worlds and beyond paradigms, giving rise to new insights and perspectives

‘open to new insights’ 

INGREDIENTS: premium Gold Frankincense resin*, Patchouli, Healesville Lavender*, Cinnamon bark, Pink Water Lily, Patchouli Essential Oil*, Makko*, Filtered Rainwater


All woods and resins are organic and sustainably or wild-harvested, all other ingredients are locally sourced and organic where possible

FRAGRANCE NOTES: fresh, sweet, zesty, bohemia, flowery, citrusy,

VIBRATION: revitalising, uplifting, euphoric, happiness, cleansing, positivity

AFFIRMATION: I open to new insights and perspectives, I am ready to receive

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