Frankincense Resin | 25g


Wild-harvested in the Sanaag region of Somalia, Africa, this golden premium Frankincense was revered by Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens who brought both the resin and the trees via camel convoy to their homelands. Frankincense was used across the ancient world both in pure resin and oil format, for ritual, medicine, health and beauty. Clouds of Frankincense smoke accompanied ceremonies in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Assyria. Charred Frankincense resin was even used to make eye-liner! In recent times there has been much research into the benefits of Frankincense to treat a range of illnesses including mental health (notably depression), digestive disorders and cancer.


Burn this resin on smouldering charcoal, in an electric or handheld gas burner. A Mica Plate is recommended for use with this resin; to lower the temperature of the coal and create a slower and more fragrant burn experience.

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