Magnetic Attraction


Allow a deeper connection to the flow of giving and receiving and attune to the vibration of abundance with this enticing blend.

‘attune to the flow’

INGREDIENTS: White Copal resin*, Dark Copal resin*, pink Rose petals*, Star Anise*, Clove*, Stringybrak Sap*, Eucalyptus leaves*


All woods and resins are organic and sustainably or wild-harvested, all other ingredients are locally sourced and organic where possible

FRAGRANCE NOTES: spice, aniseed, rose, sweet, liquorice, complex layers, earthy

VIBRATION: invite change, meditation aid, earthy, grounding, cleansing, psychic awareness, attract luck and prosperity, aphrodisiac, healing

AFFIRMATION: I trust the natural flow of giving and receiving and align with the vibration of abundance

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Weight 54 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 55 mm

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